Monday, October 24, 2005

Stepped on dog shit...

Weekend jus over... Not very good. The past few days are jux as suck-y as a vacuum cleaner. I suppose it is an Electrolux or Bosch. Branded and powerful.
1. Kana fly kite.
2. Dunno wat happened to me. Feeling so pisssedd.... Like a water closet. Every "flush"(emotion explosion) my poor bf got it. Handsome, sorry ar, bear with it la.
3. My mum didnt photocopy her documents for my application( some application la). Today have to spend my time at e counter, with e counter auntie help me sort. Stand there v tiring le.
4. My $70 almost fly away to a china woman in a photoshop.
5. Someone forgot something/day. Aiyo!

---> 4. Last thursday, I wanted to develop some fotos for some special something. So happen that Fruit(dun think she wants her name b known here), is free. Then off we went to Orchard.
Initially, I tot of goin to Lucky Plaza as there are bigger shops. Since we r lazy, we decided to go to the shop at Taka (Basement 2). I passed my CD with 7 picture files to be developed. The size that i wanted is 1.5 x 2 Inch. Almost like IC size photo. That auntie say 4 pieces $10. So 7 pieces e most $20 right? She asked us to come within 10mins. No receipt is issued to us.
10mins later, dragon-ness straight away say "You got 7 photos hor. Total will be $70." TMD. Wat the #@$@. Fruit oso stun. After some hoo haa and standing in e shop for 10mins, show time liao....

"Let's go." Fruit moved me out of the shop. We never turn back and headed to Ding Tai Fung for Xiao Long Bao.

Steady la. Xiao long bao.
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