Thursday, February 19, 2009


hAiyo!!! busy until want to puke ar! 4 times a week running up n down Arts for Jap classes and rotting in studio cracking over design...
Everytime before Monday and Thursday, i feel like a plastic bag with air vaccuumed out. @_@

Year 3 RIBA I is so stressful and within 2 months, i have mastered sleeping on 2 chairs instead of 3-4 chairs!

Anyway, i treated myself with 3hours of japanese drama on Wednesday nite.... My Boss, My Hero! Starring Tomoya Nagase from the band, Tokio.

His expression damn funny lah!

Must Watch!

Talking bout Japanese dramas, i'm trying to catch up on 金田一3 starring with 松本潤。CR gave up on me.... so no more 金田一3 for the night. Happen to see a pic of him with glasses. Quite nice!

Argh... this week is pretty frustrating somehow. Where does it come from??? School work??? Got 2 strange patches on my leg and a "hole" in pocket. Hope next week will be better. がんばって!!!
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