Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time to "renovate" my kopitiam....

wow...seems like google has been doing a good job ever since they bought over blogspot. Google, YOU ROCK LAH!!!

I sort of scan through Basic gadgets and i'm amazed. I'm going to move My fellow Burgers n Fries to a list that look abit like RSS feed. It show the title of the blog/link and its latest update. However, it will no longer have the quirky nicknames that i specially name for everyone.

Can give me some suggestions??? PLEASE........
*i've added this funny thing called Useless Knowledge. So fun!

Oh ya... at the same time... i decided to compile a list of links for art materials and papers. I love papers and pens... :P

Coming Monday will be an interim(intermediate-for u ppl who dunno) submission/presentation. 1 A1 size panel on design intent and technology aspect of the building. Die la... where to dig for details???

Weekend is no rest liao.... >.<


My laptop wallpaper for Jan/Feb 09.

For those who want any high resolution of past pictures that I've uploaded, please email me at --> or leave comment here, NOT CHAT BOX PLEASE....

Martin, Yueh Wah, i remembered you guys want a picture... but i lost track of which... So sorry!!!
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