Monday, September 04, 2006

Coverage coverage

~Bienelle this space. Left photos at home~

Morning went Air Force Open House. A bit burnt...but natural tan. :P

~watch this space as well. Left photos at home also~
Saw this pair of siblings. They are so adorable posing like this. My heart melts when i see them. So sweet!!!

Then errands day... tiring

Sun Singapore Botanical Gardens.
Good morning walk... fresh n aunties...
Walkers n runners armed with water or towel, i'm armed with a camera bag...looks heavy too...
Friends frm CS got their big ammo...mine...small one. So here i go taking macro. My free old lens gives very good quality. Sharp n crispy even when i press alt+ctrl+0 on Photoshop(view by actual pixels). Love it to bits...

Our National Flower: Miss Vanda Joaquim. Smiling Orchid?
I call this, the waltzing orchid.

Velvet petals

Steve Irwin wrestles with crocodiles but die of sting ray.... but i shoot flowers n die of cactus spikes.... Not so ironic as his right? :P
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