Thursday, October 26, 2006

My Dream School n 3 funny folks

Sorry to all...I'still ALIVE!!!
This is my 3rd day in Glasgow and today, we really went to Glasgow. It's an hour plus trip from Hamilton(where my frends are staying).

We walked around then started off with GoMA. The moment we got off the bus, we headed straight to Greggs.
Greggs is a local pasti shop aka Scottish Old Chang Kee/Bread Talk... It sells all the local pies. I had a Bridie, Scotch pie and a sausage roll so far.

When i was eating the Scotch pie in the visitors centre, an old lady went into the place and walked up to me pretty close and asked, "Are you enjoying it?". Funny lah....

GoMA was pretty simple....most of the galleries are closed... so we went to the main and one of the galleries.
As we are exiting the main hall, i was having a LONG yawn... (-.-) The security guard saw and was disturbing me..(in a joking manner lah). Funny....

We walked round town and i wanted to go MacKintosh. We found the place and found our way to a park. We took a few group photos and goofing around. I was checking my pictures on my camera and this old man walked pass and told me "It's broken".

Haiyo...they r funny.... I think i have given my D50 a few scratches.... :( i suppose it's v tired....

Oh ya, Happy 22nd Birthday to Martin!
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