Monday, March 12, 2007

Wah.... i'm so afraid...

I'm so afraid...

Was at Tanjong Kupang (actually still duno where i went), Legends golf and country resort for a short retreat. Somehow personal retreat.

Nothing much to do there, but i've enjoyed playing table soccer with the girls. We shouted more goals than the guys playing pool. That was fun.

Anyway, the fish ponds there are horribily kept.... (i go n puke bout the fishes 1st then i continue tml)

Continue,...I didnt take the horrible pond's content. Dun feel like taking it. Juz eeks... Got all e fish shit, dead fish and algae.
Ah... everyone where watching the stars at nite. I took a 6mins shot at the patch of sky outside my room. The stars movement are interesting. Notice the thinner lines all over? Tat's how many stars we can saw that night. If i have my film cable, i might have something nicer.

Oh hum...juz try it out when i found a dark spot then.

Hot Spot NoticedAnother shot outside my room.

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