Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Replies to chat-bar orders + another....

I have a few hungry/bored people who pop by my snack bar counter at the side... Didnt have time to look at it...

So if you are very eager for me to attend to your orders, juz post a comment on any entry, i'll serve you with my appetitsing replies ASAP!

Okay.... let me compile....

To Angie: Buy 200 and above type of film. Actually, action sampler not so interesting... the red one more woo-hooo(refer to my flickr page)

To Royston, you la.... ask you so many times say not free.... :P.... u better turn up this sunday, cuz i going for street shoot

To Nel-生-蛋: Not going Chiang mai liaoz... cuz of partner worried... maybe not going anwhere while i ... (refer to later part of this post)

To Pethuel: I add it using Photoshop. I got the copyright icon using symbol. Save e text as a PSD file... so next time open tat file n drag into your photo and flatten image. Thanks for visiting!

To Yiling: Boooo..... when you confirm free then we go uncle chek there n eat air!

To Laney: u oso can take mah..lazy only.... wahahaha

Back to my agenda for today is... these few days, something has been bothering me.. tugging my heart... so.... speechless.... it swept me off my feet and i fell head over heels with it... its....

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketphoto provided by uncle alvin

it is handsome right? well, the features are found
here .

I've seen the AUTO white balance of the pictures that came out from it... chio.... human skin tones look so real!

a DP review

Anyone can sponser me some dollars or cents to get one ? ? ?

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