Wednesday, January 23, 2008

school and food and school and food

some people should be thankful that i did not bring my camera to school.

I so so wanted to shoot the safari beds in the open studio.(actually i also have one but i hv not started staying in sch yet)

Alright, now some people are eating in the studio. I'm freaking hungry!

At the same time, i was blog hoping and saw this link.

Okay, she is really making me double triple hungry even though my stomach have not went to its max-hunger-matum.
Very interesting blog and his photos are so funny!

Seems like i have not update my blog for a long long time n readers are getting bored. School is lidat lah...
Busy with main design module, other 2 core modules and 1 Singapore studies module + Heros season 1 and 2. :P

soon i'll be like this creature, decorated and busy chewing on hay and forgot bout wats going on.
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