Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Last semester!!!!

In Maintenance

I know i have not blogged for a month. Some ppl are questioning me. Sorry la... busy with school. Taking 4modules is scary for an archi student.

- AR4104 Design -
- PF4204 PrjManagement -
- LSM1301 General Biology -
- MKT1003 Prin.Marketing -

On top of it, i got my dissertation to start on(outline by CNY) and 10 Guest Lecture review to hand in by April. Mammonth stuff!!!

This is my so-called last semester as an undergraduate in NUS, but this doesn't mean i'm FINISHED with school. I STILL have another year to go for my masters.

At the start of the year, our tutors treated us pizza after we presented on our Shanghai-China trip.
Yummy yummy.

Pizza pizza

DTS(Design Technology Studio) had a new old place. They renovated some com labs and combined space large enough for 4 studios. Bad point is, the sides are glass = Fish Tank. People always stare at us when they walk pass.

New pedestal

DTS Studio

DTS Studio with people
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