Sunday, May 16, 2010

on previous random thoughts.....

Holiday has sort of started the next day after my paper. 4th May.

However, that week Friday i got to meet my dissertation supervisor on my progress and the following Monday's presentation. Holiday not in full swing yet.

Upcoming holidays:

So to back track on my to-do-list:

1. My 10k-worded dissertation
(in progress. i must find the will power to do it)
2. Dissertation readingsSSSSSSssssss
(in progress. i must find the will power to do it)
3. Work part time to keep juice supply in check so tat i wont starve n eat off ppl's plate
(Back at my previous company above Mustafa. Ya i know. AGAIN... )
4. clean up my abandon room
(erm.... half the mess cleared, but still alot of clutter around)
5. Hang up my ♥disco ball♥
(got it up!!! shall take a picture of it soon)

wah nice thoughts.. i especially like 6,7 n 12!! so wen does ur holi starts??

Start liao... can go soon i think. Fridays and sundays?
6. i-have-not-been-to-bird-park
7. i-have-not-been-inside-singapore-flyer
12. i-have-not-been-to-sungei-buloh

The following, sadly still on my brain-board
8. i-want-to-feast-on-ice-cream-in-swensens
9. i-want-to-cook-pasta
10. do my online portfolio -Archi -Photography
11. Start using my cameras again. They-don't-deserve-to-be-in-cold-dry-storage

13. i wanna go to some beach and laze in the sun n O-O at babes
(missed the chance to go with my schoolmates last week. is spend quality time with mama)

Ah.... i was flipping the papers few days ago and someone wrote to the forums about the recycling machine at City Square NTUC.

That same day, i went to recycle 1 bottle with my colleagues. I was explaining to them that the machine will earn you 1point for every bottle/can recycled. The points can be collected and redeem for something(i don't know what it is at that point of time. Just collect the receipt points)

After i feed the bottle and out came the 'points', it came out in a form of paper receipt. For 1 point, i get a piece of paper that is slightly smaller than our ez-link card. For ONLY A POINT.
My colleagues and i were baffled by the "green" idea that they are trying to push...

to be continued....
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