Monday, November 21, 2005

This is how they sound like...

WAH SAay!!! Haven blog for a few weeks sia..... Steady la....No wonder the dashboard look alien to me... Hahaha.... Been "busy" le...Cant blog on da job...

Pardon me if i start to blog in "Ah lian-Ah beng" style. Got influenced over da weekend...For a meer 1 & half hour. Steady bo...

Well, how i got into this "wah-say" session is my ex-collegue's bday party.
Last time part-time one know her. She "kor" me go par-tee world KTV @ or-chard. I tot "wah.Gor par-tee world KtV can c handsome waiter.Tere o-ways got hang-some guy c c one. I-ball act-cer-sia.Since no ba-di ask me out, go lor."
When i le-ach there,the whole 'loom' i oun-ni noe her n her siz-ster. O-ver there ever-ri one tok 'light' tis. So-ort of some air and so-ort 'tang' in de pro-noun-za-sen. Cannot 'loll' 'tang'one.

Whole 'loom'

*loom = room
oun-ni = only
light = like
so-ort = short
tang = tongue
loll = roll

Aiya, kang stang e smoke liao...I don wang to get can-cer....
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