Thursday, December 22, 2005

hASHbrown's 'pek cek-ness'

*Note: Read this part aloud in a low n serious voice...

Dear readers, i got to blog this. I cant help it. As any human being would know, Christmas is coming. Soon.

In fact, very soon. Very very soon.

*Note: Okay, u can read any how u like.

I can say, every one at least has to do a gift exchange within their friends or work place. If u dun have one, u r either a v lucky chap or not happening person.

AS for my case, every year i got to do it. Even if it is not Christmas, there will be class gathering or watever. I simply cant escape from this. I guess i am too popular. Hahahaa....thick skin hor.

Actually the point i want to bring up is. Every time i got exchange session, i will buy a very nice gift for whoever who picked my stuff. But....BUT BUT BUT... i get something sucky in the end. Only 1 or 2 times there is something useful.
I give a list:
A ugly lookin cup
1 box of candy canes that i cant finish
1 big bar of chocolate tat i didnt
1 CD tin box (put 5 cds full liao)
1 erm....i forgot....

See...this is what happened when someone gets bad gifts.

Do your gift exchange partner a favour. Buy some thing nice. Merry Christmas in advance n be a blessing to others.
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