Monday, December 12, 2005

Have not done this for a long long time...

Miss me or not.... Really busy nowadays le... Boss walking up n down, i have to draw n edit n draw n edit. Thumb very pain. Someone buy me Osim chair.Pls pls pls.
Out of such miserable situations, i treat myself to 2 eye feast. Not watching Crazy horse la. No money le....

如果.愛 Perhaps Love Posted by Picasa

1st is Perhaps Love starring Jacky Cheung, Zhuo Xun, Takeshi Kaneshiro n 1 more china guy.
5 reasons tat i say it is an eye feast.
1. Takeshi Kaneshiro is very charming
2. Zhou Xun very pretty...the doll look...
3. Costumes are simple n nice
4. Sad touching scenes (got ladies cryin in e cinema)
5. Takeshi Kaneshiro is very charming n handsome.

Perhaps Love tingles your ear nerves as well.
Jacky Cheung's voice is so soothing. But have to cover his face la. Quite oily. Hahaha...
But i think the show can b boring for some ppl... Well, who cares...

Go n watch la!!!
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