Friday, March 10, 2006

”打包”肥皂 !!!

This morning.... i went for a quick run @ da gym.... *don't think i go n look at the towel boy okay...Please lor

Today is a different towel boy. Very friendly chap. Thank God that is not the same towel boy. Towel auntie oso better.

As some of u smart buckets will know, gym shower rooms provide shower foam, shampoo & conditioner.

These are contained in those soap dispensers like what we see in public toilets.

I stared at them. If i am to scrimp and save on shower creame, [an ipod / new handphone / new furniture set / clothes / further studies / for the poor ] so on and so forth might b available in 1year time?

I can save on toiletries! Shampoo n conditioner... plus tissue paper n cotton bubs.... wow.....

Not bad huh?

I left the locker room feeling clean, refreshed and "smarter".

I threw e towel into the bin, took out my towel card to get my gym card back....

I looked up and the towel boy is BACK!!!
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