Friday, March 03, 2006

Eye Candy! ! !

Woo Hoo!!!!

Went gym this morning... i'm late. Started running at 730am.. Suppose to be 7am!!! Slow me!

Well, as some of u all know/knew, i lost my bean pole. I'm sort of fine now. Hope so though... With a missing bean pole, something sort of twirred my potato brain. I began to hoping an eye candy to walk pass me...

Hmmm....there's one in the next building...He reminds me of Andy Hui, 许志安 ! ! ! (should check out his concert fotos.Super duper good looking lor...)

So eye candy!!!!! WOOOOOOOhHAHAHAHhahhahahaHAHAA!!!!!!
BUT....but but but....I cant get to see tat guy all the time. Like only once a week? Once every 2 weeks? Have to depend on my luck lah...

Back to this morning, i was so out of my mind(someone must be eating lots of hASHbrowns at Mac), that i even find the towel guy @ e gym CCCUUUTTTEEEE???!!!!!!!!???!!!!
I must be really nuts.... so i quickly shower, return the towel(of course NOT LOOKING @ e towel boy), step out of the gym, breath and get my Old Chang Kee and get to work.
My bus came.... i board it with my heavy bag, shoe bag and super oily old chang kee.
I went to the back, and sat down.
On the seat opposite me, *gasp, a real EYE CANDY....
*A smiling potato typing this entry and trying to get back to work....
Ha ha... see only lah.... You think wat i will do meh......
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