Thursday, May 11, 2006

Holiday Tomorrow ! !

Yippeee! Tomorrow is another start of a long weekend! Woo!!!!

I already made my plans 1 week in advance! Kia-su hor? This time round i'm not only going with my regular shutter bugs, another 1 or 2 is coming as well. Yeah. Cool!

After sweating and shooting, we gonna have a shower time at my house n stroll down to the secret indian food place for some chocolate fondue. I'm gonna tempt everyone and make ur saliva drip down with envy! *Evil laugh

When all the feasting and indulging is done, we will then hit down to another secret place... This place is really really secret...either u know it or u dont.

Okay...i'm goin home to rest n gear up for the long weekend. Stay tune!!!! I love u all!
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