Monday, November 20, 2006

After thoughts...

Hey all, i'm tryin my best to SQUEEZE all the pictures i took n share bout it with all u plenty-of-time-to-surf people. More pictures r on my flickr n due to monthly limit... wah piang eh..... i cant load all 3Gb of photos.

well, it's a refreshing break for me as it's my 1st time on a long haul flight, flying over the indian ocean n all the way to Sweden.
There's so so many 1st-time a.k.a "virgin" tries over in Stockholm and Glasgow. I suppose the theme song for this trip is Madonna's Like a Virgin. (imagine me running up n down e street, dancing,with the song in the background)

Comparing these 2 countries and SG, there's many pros n cons.
Better housing and health benefits are the ones that impresses me.
Transportation system in Stockholm is quite gd, esp when u can "cheat"(provided u noe how to do it). Glasgow is pretty expensive and u must travel with the fixed bus company.
TV shows, i'm addicted to the Scottish tv! Digital or HD tv.....ooohhhh.....shiok.... I wont mind retiring there n watch TV e whole day!!! Swedish tv nites r still as gd as e Scottish ones.

I have to make an announcement. I love Bridie(pronounced as bride-eh wif abit of scottish accent)!
I love pasties n hotdogs!

I'm going to start my new season of Bread n butter / 菜饭 meals.

Well, better dun rant too much! The fun coming soon!
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