Monday, November 27, 2006

I also want to be.....!!!

Finally got sometime to surf the web and look my darling friends' blog.

1st spot: Lolly Laney
As usual, nothing much from her leh. Laney, update more pics lah.

2nd spot: Princess Hei
Even worse. No updates since August! *faintz

3rd spot: Flying Lerize
New current SIA stewardess. Ever so pretty and creative. The moment I saw her photos, I envy her!!!

She went UK. I went to UK.
She had a photo like this:

I had a photo like this:

And all my fault for not posing with the stuff I took. Even my mother complain when she saw my photos.

Stupid ASH....

I also want to become air stewardess!!! (just can't as I'm short of 0.2cm and my face cannot make it! :P)
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