Monday, February 26, 2007

Parade of Dreams 2007

Reporting on Chingay 2007, it's my 1st time sitting so close to the performers and watching the parade. It's a free half lane sitting so I was quite disappointed with my spot.

So there I was at Orchard with Jasmine waiting to enter the place at 6.30pm. We can't sit in front of the spectators stand. :( Why???!!! We came early! )

Anyway, while waiting for the performance to start, we munch away our 2nd Subway sandwich meal for the day. A couple sat next to us and they are from the same camera camp as me! Nikon! Theirs look pretty new. D80....

I felt pretty handicapped with my 50mm lens compared to their 18-200 VR lens... Oh well, just be happy with what I have. :p

This is also my 1st time shooting for such events. I have my flash but I don't like the effect. Perhaps I should attend a 'Flash-photography-during-events-for-dummies".

As the sun begins to retreat to the other end, the street lights came on and pre-parade began. Dang! I'm sitting right in front where the spotlights are shinning on. I ended up with only a few angles to take o_o . That's why I have the picture effect (see picture above)

We didn’t get to watch the performances in full as we are blocked by MANY media people and guards. What a waste. So we have to ogle at the up coming performers and snap.

The performers we love best are those from the Japanese Association, Singapore American School and some cheer leaders/ break dancers. Click my Flickr badge on the right for more pictures.

Here is mine to share on the 3 best groups. (Will upload the later 2 groups. Brought the wrong SD card to upload. o(>.<)o


After parade fun report (Coming very soon)

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