Thursday, October 25, 2007

End of the year is coming soon... so

i have many friends coming back from overseas. Some for holiday, some for errands, mostly to embrace their family who are still rooted in tiny Singapore. Not to mention ONE came back for good.(congrats!) well, as people come and go, i was thinking of the friends i've made and the close friends that i have. I may have many friends but the close ones are very few. Some through time doesn't seems as close cuz of their better-half, some are due to work and time clash. Somehow i reflect and wonder if I did my best to offer my help as a friend. If there's any problems, i wash my ear canal free of ear wax to listen to their problems. What I know i can do is offer my listening ear, soft-potato-heart and try not to give advices cuz tat's the last thing people want to get commanded. Back to my train of thoughts, 98% of my close friends are robbed to overseas! Mostly went for studies and some went for good. Once in a blue moon, they will come back for a visit. I wonder, would this distancing makes us as close as before or there is this gap? The last thing i would do is to do anything or get anything just to please people and making sure that they have a good impression of me. Dang, i don't ever wanna fall into the trap of trying hard to please everyone. I do have some difficulties like the cash-juice but i am myself... Lidat lor...

So what happens to another 2%..... i got no idea. o(>.<)o i gave up asking ppl out for shopping or plays. i gave up calling people as well.... damn. Is it me or the definition of friends CHANGED in this post-modern world? Sorry, the emo side of me have to erupt.
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