Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hopefully can update these

To all my BELOVED readers, my project submission is on 12 November 07 12noon.
Required items are :
- around 6 A1 panels (includes plans, sections and elevations)
- site model
- study model
- plus myself n my brain

I will be camping in school till monday. If you wonder where i'll shower for my hygiene sake, i'll be going to classmate s's hall for shower. Food wise no problem cuz i'm always nibbling on sweets or biscuits like a goat.

Last saturday, i finally met up with Divya n Martin and other ex-secondary-sch classmates. We all had a good time eating and such. We dropped by my mum's stall for a short while.

Raw egg n Unagi

Ok. Photos will be up after my submission. I'll be counting down to 17 Dec 07 too for my laptop LOAN....
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