Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3rd party?...ooooOOOOOoooohhhhHHHHhh...niceee

oh yeah! Back from BB/GB camp! so tired but had great fun with the boys and girls... My card reader is embedded in my mess of clothes and bags and lots of things. Will post it up soon.

Went for window shopping with Ah Ming and to get from him my Disco vodka and his to-be-sold camera and my folio materials.

While walking around, I saw someone hot... Nice dark look... sleek, i feel like touching the skin and caress and dance around and kiss with ....

the NEW Motorola phone Q9H! I have been a long time user of Motorola, from SLVR7 to Razer Vxxx and many years ago Motorola pager.

I went to read up a bit of it and guess wat! It have the functions that i usually do on my Palm TX and of course i can use it as a mobile phone. I like this type of phone with QWERTY keyboard. Currently i lug around a separate wireless keyboard for my Palm and sometimes it doesnt work... How weird... some friends of mine are complaining that my bag is full of electronics.. just an Ipod, pda, handphone & another handphone as backup(cuz i lazy to charge). If i manage to have a pda phone, then i wont be having 4+ items in my bag. It will be a nice 3 or maybe even 2!

Oh... heard it can even go online n surf and chat on msn.. in this way, martin wont be complaining he's always alone online... :P

ok ok...I can't wait to get my card reader to upload all the photos... Got so many things to update and upload. Need to go and study now...

FYI, my exams are going on right now so I'm so sorry for the lack of kopi-talk and eye-candies.
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