Monday, December 03, 2007

A way to kick start Dec!

December started off with lots of happening things.

1 Dec: Last exam paper - atmospheric chemistry in the afternoon. Dun think i'll do well cuz there's maths calculations which i have lost touch 6 years ago. After the exam i went down to shoot a wedding dinner. Quite fun and challenging cuz i'm not a very familiar user of flash. Reached home at 12am n trying to force myself to sleep.

2 Dec - woke up at 5am and gotten myself ready for my 4th 21km run since 2004.

Quite excited and nervous bout the run cuz it is 21km and i have not been training since August when school started. The furthest i ran is like 6km?

21KM , record non stop jogging of up till 14-15km, thereafter got butt muscle cramp n right knee problem.

Own estimated time - 3hours exact.

Next day i got my new job... :P crawl to work?
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