Friday, December 21, 2007

Food Play

Public holiday: Hari Raya Haji

Went to Geylang for some Beef hor fun and dao huay.

Dao huay has always been my favourite dessert since secondary school days. Soy milk later adds onto my staple menu, replacing milk. My stomach rejection of milk(esp fresh milk) began 3-4 years ago when i started work. Not to elaborate what kind of rejection, it is better to just talk bout soy products.

So that was what i ate after the silky flavourful beef hor fun. Pretty big bowl of dao huay. Was expecting something not on par with Rochor Beancurd, but it was very smooth indeed. I start to pick the habit of dipping the you tiao(fried fritters) into the soy milk. Can be quite messy, so stand by a pack of tissue!

This stall's you tiao seems very interesting. Fried hard solid enough to stay in its shape. Other you tiao will sag due to its weight or texture. Structural/Physics students will know. Well, after splitting the fried fritters into two, something comes to my mind.

It looks like a sword... Or a dagger. Fighting scenes come into my carbo mind.

Heh heh. Introducing, Star Wars Singapore edition. :D

Star wars fans, original pic is from here. No offence okay. Just for fun. :P

X'mas is coming.
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