Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ice cream creamy cream cream(M 18)

I won a bet. The picture tells it all. Read on to find out the cause. If you are under 18, please click on other links for more healthy reading contents.

*pic from Bee Boy

Had a bit of time to hang around on Saturday evening after my miserable half day at work. Went SLS for kopi n "c-c-look-look" session with Uncle "new-dad-of-one". After that, went off to Shaw to satisfy my eye-urge. Called up my "new-usual-suspect" to catch the movie. *Hint its a Ben stiller movie(my fav actor).

We had a bet.

If the ticket uncle didn't check my IC, I'll win a free scope of ice cream.

Strolled in after uncle tore the ticket. Uncle didn't stop me.

I won. :D


*to Ah Har... shall we go for K Box? i got voucher i think :P
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