Wednesday, December 26, 2007

How to practice Boxing Day in SG

Merry Christmas to ALL once again! Today, 26th Dec is shown on the calender as Boxing day.

In Singapore, many people open their presents on Christmas eve, some on Christmas day itself. Some might even opened way before the actual holiday. I'm not very sure who will open their presents much later. If you do, let me know how u do it.

This morning, i just have this brilliant idea and i was practicing it at that very moment!

Step 1: On Christmas eve, party or stay up all night till dawn. Do anything except opening presents.

Step 2: Go church the very next morning on Christmas day. U can go for long breakfast as another alternative(but u r going to miss out on alot of good stuff).

Step 3: Go home after lunch, lay exhausted on your bed from the night b4 and sleep till 26th Dec.

Step 4: You are at your final step to open presents on Boxing day! You have arrived to 26th Dec Morning or Afternoon and you have unwrapped presents!!!

Someone must be wanting to banish me from earth for being so lame.... :P *bleah

Anyway, these 2 cds are on my wish list. Can't find the 1st one in SG anymore... sobs. Stereo sushi.... haven check em out in stores. If any of you found them around, call or sms me okay?

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