Saturday, December 15, 2007

My fun time :P

Okay okay.... i know many people are waiting anxiously for my photos and i'm NOW going to update those that i feel is the most HappenIng ones(some cheer please?)

Last week was my anticipated Youth camp! Not sure why am i so excited cuz i sort of pass my own days of youth. Energy level sort of drop when it comes to captain's ball or i mean captain's fruit. Even though our group didnt score much for games, we had fun. I mean LOTS n LOtssss of fun.

Oh ya. If u r wondering why would i bring my heavy camera to camp, it would be for a big reason.. HAha... quite a challenge when there is NO strong tables to seat ppl and steps to hold 120++ big kids. Juz scroll down to see.

*P/S: All are resized photos. I'll post the link on MONDAY or TUESDAY when i got my new laptop from school.(oh yeah!)

one of my "nothing-to-do" shots. Candle light dinner with compliments from the camp com!
Yes!Me and my girls. :P
Yes we like it. No we don't like it. Yes we like it.
Malcom, the champion for the finale night with most number of marshmallows IN(supposedly) his mouth. Like 30 odd?

Forgot to mention my group GOOD LOOK!!!! GOOD LOOK GOOD LOOK.
Go figure why good look. Hint: The number 6. :P
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