Saturday, March 29, 2008

Skimming over a hurdle

Phew... 1 Singapore Studies essay question test, interim Crit and Urban studies submission cleared within 2 days and 1 week of little sleep-random thoughts-talking rubbish days.

When i got home on Thursday evening... i was so tired that i showered n K.O. on my bed at 430pm with my wet hair sleeping aaaAAAAAaaalllllLLLLllll the way till Friday 9am. Such sweet sleep.

However i spent my friday sorting out my drawings, wrap books, read read read and watched Crunchy roll.. = somehow unproductive. =(((

Anyway, this weekend will be very tiring jetting left n right of Singapore. Saturday got meetings at GBHQ...practice in the evening for sunday's enrolment service...sunday morning is all the enrolment stuff and right after tat i got to rush down for Celena & Paul's wedding! I'm so scared that i'll be super late for the wedding and look so embarrassing! *cross fingers cross legs & toes

Oh ya... i got a mailer from Topshop distributor and good news!

15% off! WOW! but i got no $$ to i'm lending out my card! Please contact me if u wanna shop at Topshop/Topmen/Miss selfridge/Warehouse or Dorothy Perkins.

I wanna collect points too.... <3
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