Saturday, May 17, 2008

Help the Myanmar cyclone victims, surfing & 金城武

Ok ppl, bear with me for this lllLLLlllooooooOOOOoooonnnNNNnnnngggGGGGgggg post.

Someone asked me whether if i'm free to volunteer to help raise funds for Myanmar Cyclone victims. since i'm free on sunday afternoons, y not? Click below image for clearer view.

photoaid myanmar

*Update: The donation drive is hot(weather), fun(after dinner goofy-ness) and rewarding. Even though i got rejected 80%, the small 20%(actually got like 5 ppl are willing to donate, i'm happy enough.

Most of the people that i convinced are fellow Myanmar nationals or neighbouring countries that are very close proximity to Myanmar. Some are Taiwanese, Indonesians...

If you don't want to have ur photo taken in front of the Merlion and do not have $10, you can juz pop any amount into the RED Salvation Army cans.

Give out of your heart - this is what a non-english speaking Japanese told me after i helped him take his photo using his cam.



Wanna catch this, cuz got Aniki!!!! :X

saw this on a forum...

Below are some interesting finds
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