Monday, June 02, 2008

New song to set your mood

Had a throat infection over the past few days and i have no choice but to spend $34 on my family doctor. I managed to steal a look at my medical record and the last visit was 2006....

I got well somehow very quickly but the infection affected my if i jump around, my brain felt like it went thru some rollercoaster.

Maybe i got it after the hectic weekend of going Msia and come back for a camp + the weather. Oh well, over liao so lidat lor...

Oh yess..... i changed the song at the side of this page. Its first sang by Stylistics and i love the cover done by Prince (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince). Can't find his version in but they have Phyllis Hyman version.
No choice, but to listen to it. To my surprise, its very well for a female version and is the ONLY female version cover i come across. Soulful, earnest and passionate. It is done in 1976 when she 1st started out as a singer.

She began her career as a silky-voiced singer influenced by jazz, and gradually moved towards heavily produced urban contemporary ballads.
Because of her role and Tony nomination in the Broadway play Sophisticated Ladies, she is often referred to as The Sophisticated Lady.--- From Wikipedia

Sadly, she's not around anymore. To read up more bout Phyllis Hyman and her music, just wiki it. :D
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