Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i still can smile and bum around... for a short time

yeah! interim is over and i am going to grill myself over Western essay.... "%@$^%&^*!@!@@#$@#%"

anyway, i continue to treat myself with "Watch TV Tuesday" by watching:
Calefare - 830 to 9 (channel 5)
Tay Ping hui drama - 9 to 10 (channel 8)
Noose - 10 to 1030 (channel 5)

CSI sometimes nice to watch...but this week, i'm crunchyrolling... :P

I'm not a big fan of Korean dramas but i'm okay with movies.

This time round i watched 100days with Mr Arrogant.

i think i look like her in such a pose after submission.

The usual funny drama-mama love story which i can recommend everyone to watch. But wait.... dig this.... i now have a favourite Korean actor! *gasp
Kim Jaewon ! ! !
He somehow reminds me of Nicholas Zhang, my fav. chinese singer.

The similarity when they smile...ok! this 2 pics will do justice to the similarites.

Agree agree????
Okay, i think i got a thing for guys with such eyes... beady cute types? Okay, that's all for a piece of information on me.
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