Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Promote to "auntyhood" level 24

Hahaha... hope you know what i mean. My new school project is building an extension to St Marys of angels church. A large Catholic church completed around 2 years ago. It houses a columbarium as well.

So here are some shots from the hot-weather site visit:

Bell tower
Bell tower

Main chapel with Christ suspended in air.... Its a sculpture done by an artist.
Christ in the air

Found this in the columbarium
Stigma of St Francis

Reflecting pool in the columbarium
Overlapping shapes

Anyway, a big thank you to my cell mates and studio friends for celebrating my bday. Simple simple can liao. Thank Q beri much!!!

*update while in studio(12.58am)Well, this new term i got a new tutor... he's very vague in explanation and i'm praying hard for His shelter and inspirations.
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