Monday, September 29, 2008

Gone as fast as an F1 car...

To be in sync with the current buzz going around town, i believe my 1 week break passed as fast as my eye can blink, as much happenings as the near-crash-encounters of an F1 car has.

As everyone has waited for me to blog something bout the holiday, i shall recap on what happened from the last week of school till the end of my holiday.

After submission, my week has been pretty relaxed. However, my other tutorials end at 6pm and i have appointments at 7pm... so 1hour to zip out of NUS and to bugis area. I tell you.... tell you......the MRT is argh!-crowded. I have seen this video for a few times. After squeezing and rushing for trains, i agree 100% with this video.

MRT woes....

Can someone pass me a road bicycle? :D

Anyway, i'll elaborate soon with the following stuff.
My holiday productive work:
-ACM visit
-my acrylic shelf
-Biopolis visit with studio, conducted by our tutor Alan
NUS Architecture
Can see it is very sunny...

- bring mum for screening
- new FREE phone
- saw my dream keyboard again and it is not the Mac keyboard....but is the super glam Moshi Celesta keyboard
-new school term, new tutor(he's so difficult to understand :( )
-Singapore Biennale
- Uzap package??? :P

ACM visit
here's some pre F1 shots i took along the way to the museum. Everywhere is blocked man!
Took this van driving along the tracks. See the driver!=
Pre F1 driver-part 2
He's smiling at me! ^^

Human F1?
Human F1
My ticket to the museum... then i remembered NUS students go in free.
My ticket ^^
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