Thursday, September 04, 2008

School school assignments and sleeping on table

Wow... been almost a month! I have NO new photos to update cuz i have NOT been shooting. Damn sad.

Anyway, year 3 has been a very busy time for me. Even with a free Wednesday, it is mostly taken up to do design work. I have a good workable group. Managed to complete panels in time n have time to nap.

Very difficult to complete work over the last weekend as i had Officers' retreat and gotten sick again. Miraculously, the peak of my flu/sore throat on monday turned so much better and faster on tuesday. Usually it takes me days to get well without medication.

The table next to mine is a new friend whom i got to know this semester. Her "mountain" started from the very 1st week of school and today, i've gotten her "mountain". For right now as i'm typing, there is "Twin Peaks".

Ok. Don't worry. I'll clear the mess very fast one. Anyone wanna get me IKEA vouchers?

Oh ya, i revisited a favourite youtube video and its very lame. By a comedy duo from japan called RAHMENS. I do find the guy without specs good looking. I laaiii-kiiii. *new video...the Origami one dunno why no more...
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