Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The "Wah seh! Wah kaoz! Wah Piang!" Edition

Okay folks! I realized it has been a long long time since i've blogged. Some of you have already asked me when will i be blogging again.

Oh. I'm so touched.

Thanks for your concerns. Some of you may have know from me that someone at home will nag at me for using computer(waste electricity... bo liao... use for wad) and disapprove of me editing photos(same excuse, waste electricity... bo liao... do for wad...). Every time i want to on my com, the nagging will start. How i manage to blog now? As long as my screen shows a wall of text, he's okay. Damn weird and ''siao'' la... what to do... protest oso cannot. Even if i hide in my room and do, same thing.

"waste electricity... bo liao... do for wad..."

Ha ha ha.....

Ya.... i got no idea what to name this post for my beloved readers. Almost A Month deprived of Carbo Lameness. So i've decided to treat this post with more time, photos, text and photos and erm... more photos? For a mega post, i've named it the "Wah seh! Wah kaoz! Wah Piang!" Edition

Ok. After my whirlpool of coughing and phlegm-spitting fortnight, i told myself i must go for a short trip before school starts. Ah ha! after reading and thinking thru my budget and time, Melacca seems the perfect choice for an Archi-tormented hASHbrown.
Here's your eye feast(hungry readers, please get ready to go for breakfast/lunch/tea break/dinner/supper):
my stay
On my way to find food, this tourist posed!
Cool tourist
chinese temple along the same street
Face off
1st pit stop:
1st meal in Melacca
they serve yummy wan tan noodles. Noodles are more chewy and taste nicer than Singapore noodles.
Wantan noodles
Popiah next door
Here comes the killer shot!

Something from my last fireworks shoot and sort of the only one this year i think. Check out the rain drops. LOL
rain doesnt stop me....frm shooting
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