Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's happening.....and an Apple humour

*A loyal eng eng reader told me that the screenshots are too small... Edit liao.

Sian... sick again! Still throat infection but this time round is really throat. Not my tonsils.
Saturday morning, i reported sick for work and laze around and drag myself out of house to see my family doctor...
As i stagger to the clinic 400m away from my house, low and behold, they are closed!!!! time check was 11.15 but the opening hours state that they close at 12.30pm! wth...

no choice i got to go to the other one which i hardly go to. The doctor wasnt as friendly as the one i always go to. Strangely, the anitbiotics that he gave, take 1 pill 3 times daily, which i thought suppose to be 2pills 3times daily. Like not strong leh! By evening, i'm still coughing like some TB patient and having fever up and down, toasting bread on my forehead.

Sunday, woke up with terrible migrain on the left side of my head.


anyway, i realised Apple have a pretty good sense of humour.

Mac Network
Hmmm... Let's ZOOM in...
Mac Network enlarged

It showed the rest of the windows based computer at my work place with a CRT and the blue screen of death. While... my boss's mac is a Apple cinema display. Pretty and slick.
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