Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally...... my bed.

Firstly i would like to apologise to my cell group for not able to make it for the BBQ. Got alot of crop up in my group project, so i got to extend my butt-on-chair-fingers-n-palm-on-com time in school. For the record, i've stayed in school from 7th till 9th and from 10th - 15th. Don't think i didnt change my clothes, didn't bath and have flies hovering around my head. I do bath. What we do is to walk to the nearest hall, which is XXXXXXX hall(not suppose to do so) take a shower and walk back. The only shower cubical in my department does not have water heater. So imagine taking a shower at 3am. @_@

But i do have my ways to shower at that cubicle. :P use your brain use your brain. if you wanna find out, just ask me.

Okay, now the good news is. MY PROJECT IS OVER AS AT 15th SEPT 08 6PM. Bad news is, my group presentation panel doesn't look that good. It's like selling an genuine Prada bag at a pasar malam shop. Ya la, good stuff but presentation not good. Well, the stuff have been handed in so no more changes. My group's grades has been sealed.
Hopefully this is not the direction of my 3rd year grades, presentation is tmrw 2pm. *pray hard
Close up shot of the axis created through the building for pedestrians to walk through and explore retail-art at the same time

For some little uncalled for update, i've finally succummed to Facebook. I got like 20 over invites and none of it made me sign up for it.... Tilll...... my friend's baby arrived. In order to view the new born's smiley photos, i signed up for Facebook. Ah... the power of babies.

*will add in project photos when i get back to school. Left my CF card there. >.<
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