Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Over and done with...and i hate sentosa

Phew! Crit is over like in 5mins??? 10???? Feels like a zap of time!

However, 1 hour and 30mins before the crit feels like 3 hours to me.
1st: i stepped out of house 3omins late. Then i waited for 57, which can bring me to harbour front in 20mins. Waited for 15mins for just 1 bus. Nvm...

The bus went pretty fast until it start to slow down and crawl like snail at Shenton way. >.<>

wasted my $6.80 on cab fee after Vivocity. i alighted there and took cab.

Here's the added story to the cab journey. For the 1st 2mins on the cab, i was busy thinking of my presentation, how i am going to explain my project and how to sell the idea to the critique panel.

After the 2nd min, the cab driver suddenly jam brake. I peered to the front, left and right. NO VEHICLES! He brake for what???!!! So i start to observe his actions. He's rubbing his eyes, touch his nose and his steering wheel shifted left and right by 0.5°. My goodness! There are a few jerks of braking in point-something of a second and i had zero-point-something-something skips of heart beat and zero-point-something cubic centimeters of air being held on in my little lungs.

All these little actions went on till i reached my school's foyer. I felt like i have spent 1 hour on the cab. I paid the uncle and asked him at the same time if he worked from night shift. He replied with a smile and didnt really answer yes or no.

Instead "look very tired ar?". Argh.... if i haven felt my life being endangered, i wouldnt have ask lah...

I got off the cab and offered him 3 drops of Clorets sweet i had in my bag. Wake up la, uncle.

Oh well. Time flew when my presentation is like less than 30mins after i arrived. So far so good. Nothing major from the panels. BUT MY PRESENTATION BOARD ISH U-G-L-Y. Only model nice. Here's a bad attempt at photoshopping, top view of my model and 1 interior shot. yr3 P2-play wif photoshop

Yr3 P2 - folds

Yr3 P2- roof
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