Monday, November 24, 2008


...exams are over and i can rest in peace! *not kicking the bucket, i mean sleep. Sleep is important! On the morbid side, i might kick the bucket suddenly due to over ecstasy of architecture and readings or anything. I shall blog about something morbid when i have the time. ^^ (HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!)

anyway, i forgot what i want to blog this time round. Had too much fun after exams(actually only a good meal at Soup spoon).

Okay, maybe some reply to comments given.

To those who want the X'mas tree picture, email me at or msn me bout it. Let me know what text u want to put in.

To Martin's many comments, the group photo is given by my friend and i fix all my photos that are posted online at 800px width due to copyrights issue. I wouldn't want someone to leech my photos and pass it off as his/hers. There is stock photography websites where they can make $$ out of it and not me. Although mine are not the best, it is good to have some precaution. In case i get famous in future. :p Hope u get wat i mean. If you want any photos, i won't mind sending it to you at higher resolution. ;-) Let me know ya? I'll send u the "wallpaper" version without the text. You can add anything to it after that. I've sent 1 out to my classmate.

Talking bout posting photos online. I dunno whether i have posted anything bout why i dun put up photos of myself on my blog. Cuz my blog is open to search engines online(try typing hASHbrown on google or yahoo), any stranger on this surface of mother earth can see my face! Who knows what he/she will do to my picture rite? It might surface on some forums or weird discussion or even fashion police!

haha... ok. not to bored every one with my wall of text, here's some shots i took with my 'new' phone! Motorola Q9H!

My favourite cat of potong pasir!

CS 4 launch after my submission. Fell asleep there lah! :(

The new development at bugis by WOHA.

Attended a talk by Moshie-san. Looks familar rite?
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