Thursday, December 11, 2008

*Hiicup *hiicup *hiicup Exams, Problems and what???

I'm having my 4th set of hicup for the day. Gonna drive me crazy soon. *changed my header. Nice???

Was clearing up my draft posts and found this 2-word post. These 2 words are THE WORDS i keep coming across during my revisions for the exam.
proliferating           eclecticism

Anyway, THIS SAT! My cell group is having a dinner party at Katong. I saw the pics of the cafe. Looks good! Can't wait to head over there and snap pictures of ppl enjoying food, food and    

games la... 

My Hope


Interior of cafe

Really glad that exams are over. I used to love exams when i'm in sec sch because i noe holidays are coming! As i grow up and move into tertiary education, i dread exams. o(>.<)o

As for now, holidays means time to rush to work and earn $ to cover expenses for my next school term. Not alot of ppl know bout this and i think my readers shld know why i'm always working.
Whatever stuff i buy, eat, use is from my pocket. Nothing comes from my parents other than the roof over my head. 
My school fees for NUS is covered 90% by bank loan and 10% cash. 10% cash will be around 1.2k per academic year. Pay in 2 sememsters, $500+ and $600+ half yearly. 
Food, entertainment, transport oso from my pocket. Holidays are: 1 month in Dec and 2.5 months in May-July, that's the only window of opportunity to top up my pocket. 

Got a maths problem for you!

Ah Lian spends $8 to buy a chicken, and sells to me for 9 dollars. Then she thinks that it is not worthwhile, and spends $10 to buy back from me. She sells it to another person for $11. I earned $1, but how much did Ah Lian earn?

More than 50% of people answered wrongly, you are not one?
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