Sunday, December 21, 2008

hASHbrown wish list part 2

Ah.... better have some realistic and humble wish. :D

Anyway, as the year is coming to an end. I got mixed feelings. Busy bout work, gifts for friends, gatherings to attend to. Happy cuz can get to see friends celebrating for the same reason, Jesus is born.

Not to confuse everyone bout the state of me right now, i shall stick to my brighter side. :D
Something for everyone! *Click to enlarge

Merry Christmas n happy new yr

Number 2:

TWO Muji glass cup. Cant find the glass picture of it. 1 to use at home, 1 to use in school.
muji glass cup

Three sticks of Garnier Eye Roll-on: Please help my dark eye rings. Everytime hear people saying "Ashley, you look very tired." BUT I'M NOT TIRED..... @_@
Go away eye rings
"Our first-ever roll-on to hydrate, cool & refresh tired-looking eyes."

Four finger protectors! I mean it! 4 of it cuz my pinkie will be the last finger that will get injured. :D
finger protector
Okay, that's my top 4 hASHbrown wish list. Stay tuned for the next SIX! 

*hint hint, something i always use in school :P
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