Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am very busy.watashiwa totemo isogashii des(not very correct romanji).

Woo! I am only on my 2nd week of school and i have not blogged! So sorry to keep you guys waiting. Must be very bored without having something lame to read.

Anyway, I got an extra BREATH module this semester and it is Japanese! Quite easy to get it to my surprise. Spent like almost $80 on textbooks and notes for it. A note to fellow NUS buddies, language requires alot of preparation time and self study. So here i am on a Wednesday night revising and trying to pronounce. *don't laugh at me lah...

3 weeks of 2009 has passed my big fat feet and i spent a little bit of time pondering how i should start this year. Just like the directional signs in the photos, let's seek for directions before we work/study/play/whatever through 2009.

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