Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Whole Lee Smokes! Rod Steward is coming!

Cheapest still pretty ex... >.<> He look like some body......

Barry Manilow???!!!
Haha... Jokes aside. Argh...!!! no discount for early bird as well, i think i shall consider in great depth before buying... Who wanna go?

Chinese New Year been pretty busy with school and then house visiting. The new year mood wasn't that strong and mum is in Hong Kong with 1st aunt. Other than wearing new clothes and getting red packets to eating goodies(bak kwa!), it's just another new year where families gather.

Tomorrow will be very busy. 12 - 2 i have Japanese lecture and have to "express-way" myself back to studio (2-6pm). My new tutor is pretty good. He gives examples of what he wants us to do but very demanding... After typing this, i'm gonna squeeze my brain juice out n do some drawings(brought out my collection of pens,colour pencils and keroppi pencil box! <3).

hmmm.... on a serious side... sometimes when i come across some words, a long train of thought would go through. I would say things or do things in a very different way which i don't. Am i too sensitive? or age is catching up?

Hello wall?
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