Friday, May 29, 2009

I tot holidays will be more free to blog...

Seems like holiday has made me some how busier. Just came back from a half day birthday celebration for my poly classmate+ colleague friend, Jonathan. *hey, if you reading this, not everyone gets to be mentioned on my blog ok?

Celebration was located at the unfamiliar-to-me-west side of Singapore, Ayer Rajah Market. Had a big feast of 'zi char' with my poly friends. 10 of us, some i have not seen for 3 years? Lost count la...
Dinner menu for the night: stingray, 'la-la', wrapped prawn, 2 dishes of vege, satay, chicken wings, hot plate toufu & pork rib king. Didn't have a digital camera with me & i'm lugging round my laptop. Can't share good food with my readers.

Met up with YY on friday nite, as she prefers this timing and had a good catching up session with her.
Wanted to get a facial scrub from Bodyshop & i remember that she has the card. So we sort of arranged it quickly and meet up.

Haven been really talking to YY much cuz of my school and she's working. Long and short, we got busy with our own lives, but i really thank God that i have such a nice friend around.
Brian joined us for dinner as well, and i want my best friend to know who i hang out and vice versa. :D So Div, Reda & Martin will get the special intro next time soon i hope.

Here come the exciting part. Despite being full from japanese cuisine, i had the urge for something sweet like ice cream. MOF was packed so we tot of trying Ajisen tei. Turns out that it was closed down for renovation. Argh....
YY mentioned that she seen an interesting cafe at the new Illuma. Illuma is a new shopping centre designed by WOHA. I find it is a bold move for a developer, Jack Investment. I can say, they are a very good client to any architects. I'll talk about it more when i get my 12-24mm & S5pro in the building.

The mentioned cafe is Benten cafe, at the 1st storey of Illuma. Visible from the main road, it is a small cafe with generous serving of food. I'm not sure if they are related to this Ben10.

Not to keep my dear readers waiting, here is wat we got adventurous about.

The dessert is called Never give up. Pardon the bad handphone pics.

Looks small right??


Job well done by 3 crazy people.

Actually there's a bigger one. I wanna conquer it!!!!

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