Sunday, August 23, 2009


School has been wonderful so far. I manage to get at least 6-7 hours of sleep. This new semester of year 4 started right after national day. I was sick on national day, running high on fever so i slept my way through while the parade is being aired on tv.

So now, i'm checking heaps of emails. Hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail and school mail. These are enough to take away 1.5hours of my precious time.

Last week, as a studio, we went down to Ubi industrial area to look at the amount and type of industrial waste that they produce. Waste like metal bits are sold back to scrap metal collectors, who export them for recycling. It is very interesting to see how these waste metals look like.

Metal pasta

The earth resources are finite especially when everyone juz buy, use and throw. How many would wonder what happen to the plastic Coke bottle when it goes to the litter bin? Or the piece of paper throw on the floor?

I do sort my waste paper and drink cans into separate plastic bags. As for plastic bottles, i do the same. Not everytime i throw away plastic bottles. I do my best not to buy bottle drinks and carry my own water bottle. If i have 1 or 2 plastic bottles like contact lens solution bottle or shampoo, i drop them in a bin at bugis. Quite a relieve to have a bin near my home. In Singapore, not everyone is environmentally responsible. The recycling bins here are in bad condition and are dirty. U will find plastic bag with chili sauce in them in the aluminium can bin. Tissue papers in the paper bin.

Wall-E's older brother?

Think about the piece of waste that you are about to throw away.
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