Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i think dentists are good looking

on an early tuesday morning, instead of going for my short 5km run, i went for a dental appointment in school at 9.30am...

My last dental appointment was in last year December.... the handsome polyclinic dentist gave me a mouthful of clean teeth and bloody mouth. I suppose to see him again in June but holiday work commitments forced me to cancel it.

Surprisingly, the dental clinic in school is queue free. I booked it last week with my friend and the next week, we can have the appointment. Polyclinics made me wait for 6 months to a year.

From my last dental visit, i mention to the dentist bout my problem with my left jaw. I can't bite hard food like baguette or super crispy fried chicken. I can't yawn properly cuz when i nid to shut it, it snaps. The sound is horrible... it sounded like my knee.

so after 30mins of mouth opening, googles wearing, pain bearing session. Good looking NUS dentist gave me this.

Dental referral letter

I hope he don't cost a bomb.
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