Wednesday, December 09, 2009

i did it!!!!

yEs YeS yes YES!!!!!

my 1st marathon!!!! so happy that i made it thru and made good use of Team fatbird pacers.

Followed the two 6-hour pacer shu shus and did it within 6hours. Hahaha. Kinda long and >.<-ing from knee pain... felt like it gonna come out from the socket. OMG!

My friends who have been constant in my life would know that i have been training, running at least 3times a week for this race.... But since late Oct through Nov, i have not been running due to school project and the school field trip to China.*sigh* My body needs to be constantly trained to keep up. I've tried 1 week without running and when i start again, i feel very horrible and weak... :S

Oh well. I feel very happy that i've completed. Better than don't complete right?

Ok. here's my slow result.

5:59 ..... Kinda amusing to me.

Since December is drawing near, I've did up my new year resolution ALREADY. One in fact.

Addidas Sundown 2010

I've been thick skin asking around for sponsors. I couldn't be asking around without making effort right? So i am aiming to cut my timing by 30mins to 1hour. It is a mammoth task for me cuz i have short legs. :D Plus the last 2 months to race day will be project crunch time.

Here's the list of generous supporting buddies:
1. Nelson, whom i'm proud that he completed 42km by walking : 20cents
2. Eugene, thanks for the 1st 21km pacing with Ming Zhi: 35 buckaroos
3. My beautiful Yi-Ling: 20cents
4. Steven, Bird shooter(photography) Man: 5 cents
5. Shazi, My toilet buddy back in China: 1 buck
6. Jamie, who always reminds me of candy canes and lollipops : 5 bucks of cheers
7. Brian : 2 good bucks

Hopefully the list goes on. $26.55 more to go. :D

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