Monday, December 21, 2009

the ONE right now...


Thank you all for your support on facebook!!!

so far received physically is $1. And the wonderful enthu supporter of the year is my classmate Shazi!!!!!

The dollar will be put in this cute container. ♡
For the rest who has "join" in my facebook campaign for my sundown-challenge, i'll contact u soon on facebook on how to put it into the cute lil blue container.

Few days ago was the early bird discount. I hop onto someone else's promo discount code and got the registration fees cheaper. Used my student CC to pay for it 1st, next month then bother about how to deal with it. :X

Here's my Registration for another gruelling "hASHbrown-depleting" 42km. ✓

So till 29 May 2010, watch out for...

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