Tuesday, March 09, 2010

My next to-watch-movie: Food, Inc. - Hungry For Change? - About the Issues

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site - Hungry For Change? - About the Issues

Have you wonder how far your food travel from the farmers' hands to the supermarket to your house? Or from the farm to the market to the food stall and finally to your stomach?

I remember seeing movie reviews about Food Inc on the papers. Perhaps the reviews doesn't impact me as much until i was reading a green living blog feed. I

I went to the movie's official website.

I was blown away.

The site's main page has a very beautiful blue sky and a delicious looking fatty cow that reminds me of the succulent tender thinly sliced shabu shabu beef that i crave for once in a while.

As i do a quick browse thru the site, issues on our food journey is scary.

In context to Singapore's lack of natural resources and land, how NEAR can we go to get our food?

I read a newspaper article a few weeks back on the fishes that we are eating. The sources of fishes that we are eating might be fully exploited or over-fished. Hey, fishes do run out.

Where to pick up a copy of the Singapore Seafood Guide:

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