Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupidity does exist in universities

i wasn't going to blog bout this but this message in a module forum appeared again.

"Dear Prof XXX,

I appreciate your marketing elements in the notes, the notes are colourful and look very nice on screen. But when we print out, it's very hard to read, and very hard to write notes, since e background is getting darker and darker from lesson 1 onwards.

Could you pls make the slides plainer, simpler so it's easier for the printers. Thank you.

Warmest regards"

3 kind souls replied on how to change it or print it in grey scale so it won't be that bad.

It is till this reply that i just saw cracks me up. I applaud this person for daringly posting such a reply in an academic forum. Not like no one would do in forums but this is an academic one. :P

"you should learn the basic of powerpoint, you can't survive in the world without knowing basic stuff like that.

Small things like that post forum and ask the prof to change the notes, don't be lame leh, black and white you dont know how to use? 
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